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Becoming a tantrica

Update April 27, 2010

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  I didn’t write anything since January – how can it be? Where did the time go? Anyway, just to post a quick update. I know my purpose now, I am very clear about it, I cannot deny or dismiss it anymore. I want to become a dakini. A sexual healer and a guide. A tantra educator. I feel like I have changed so much in the last few months. Now that I am clear on my purpose, everything is so much more easier. My fears – they are not from my heart. It’s only in my mind – maybe they are not even my fears. I feel them, but I am not bothered by them, they are just there. In my heart I am absolutely certain and nothing can shake that calm confidence. I am staring my training and I am changing my thinking. More and more I feel like I am a dakini. I am remembering! I still need to learn lots and most importantly I need to start living like one and I need to start my own practice. Those are some big tasks, but I know I can do everything. I feel totally and completely supported by the Spirit. I think it’s my chance to actually start living my truth, my passion, when work and life will be one. When work will become one of purpose and service. I can actually start making difference in other people’s lives. I want to help others live fully, free of guilt and shame, owning their sexuality, letting go on fears and negative beliefs, embracing life. I want to inspire and guide others to life a full wonderful life. Can I do it? I know I can.



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For best results, meditate often on the phrase “the joy of integrity.” Get familiar with the pleasurable emotion that comes from acting with impeccability. And try out this idea from Gandhi: Integrity is the royal road to your inner freedom.

from PRONOIA Is the Antidote for Paranoia: How the Whole World Is Conspiring to Shower You with Blessings. ~ Rob Brezsny

this is just a reminder of the power, inner power that comes from living your truth, from your own integrity. I took it for granted, but now, thinking about it, I realized that I feel a lot more powerful now, knowing I am living my truth. I do not lie, I do not cheat, I do not break promises, I really know who I am and I do my best to live with integrity. I will keep doing it more consciously now