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Finding my mission excersize January 31, 2010

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What is it that I love to do and am good at: dancing, reading, playing piano, doing sports, working out, going to workouts, being with other women, sex, writing, journaling, travelling, flirting, self help and personal growth, taking workshops, connecting with people, friendship, leadership, providing direction, guidance, math, logic, puzzles, organizing, planning, scheduling, goal setting, supporting and motivating others, cooking, training, manifesting, generating ideas, brainstorming, self pleasuring, music, skiing, swimming in the ocean

My best qualities: ambitious, smart, strong willed, caring, beautiful, mindful, good listener, thoughtful, kind, playful, very optimistic, cheerful, easy going, not demanding, independent, powerful, passionate

What flows naturally: dancing, journaling, sharing, listening

If I knew what I wanted to do, what would it be?: I want to inspire other women to feel their beauty and power. To open their hearts, to feel their body, to live fully. I want to show them the way how to break from 8 to 5 job, how to live their dreams, how to find your Destiny Path. How to connect with people who are your true family, how to have the best sex of their lives, how to feel like a Goddess and how to inspire their man to be the best they can be. I’d like to teach women how to squirt and how to open to sex, open to men. And I’d love to teach man how they can fuck their women open to God. I’d also love to be of service to man and women to achieve the sexual wholeness. I’d love to be with honorable, authentic men and help them to overcome the blocks to their sexual power. I’d love to show them what it means to be with a Goddess. I want to make them feel like Gods they already are. I’d love to teach women how to ejaculate. I am living my life fully, a Goddess on her Divine Destiny Path.

How can I become such a woman? Or should I say how can I help her to emerge, because she is already in me. I wouldn’t be having this desires and visions if it wasn’t for her.

– start working with a Tantra coach. Done – mediation and spiritual practice. Started

– networking – surround myself with role models and like minded people – started

– read as much as I can on the subject, become an expert, don’t be afraid to share

– Write. Keep writing, journal your whole journey, it will help other women on the same path

– Work on your personal integrity, on your boundaries, be in your power

– Get out there and dance

– Keep your heart open, constant practice of keeping your heart open in all situations and keep connecting with people on the heart level.

– Overcome fear, make a plan and do it, one thing at a time.

It might take a logn time, but so what. In 3 years, in 5 years – imagine that. I’m 40 year old, I’m having my own tantric practice, I work with clients – men and women, I write books, I love my life, I travel freely, I take vacations and live in different parts of the world. I inspire my husband, we are creating this wonderful life together, I’m living fully. I’m beautiful, powerful, unstoppable. I’m inspiring other women to grow, I am a teacher. I am strong, I am walking freely on my destiny path. I teach dance, I have my own studio and I love love love it. I love my life. I am free. I am easily making 100K per year and more through the passive income and through the work that I do with my clients. I am enriching their lives, I give freely from my heart, I am fulfilling my mission.


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