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Becoming a tantrica

Dakini January 28, 2010

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The Daka or Dakini is a man or woman who is dedicated to the practice of evolving consciousness and embodying bliss, and who supports others on this path. Central to this path are presence, personal empowerment, emotional intelligence, sexual wholeness, and embracing the shadow (unintegrated psychological material).

Can I become a dakini? I feel like a caterpillar who dreams about flying. Can she believe it? How? She looks at herself and it’s impossible. However, one day she will turn into a butterfly (she is a butterfly, she and a butterfly is one) and she’ll have beautiful wings and she will fly. Yes, she’ll have to stay in the dark, but the magic will happen. But she first has to break free from the cocoon. Will I break free? I know I will. Intent and surrender. I know it will happen. And I will do anything it takes. It’s a long journey and from where I am right now feels impossible, But what’s impossible one day is normal the next. And so I start.


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