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To quit or not to quit January 10, 2010

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I’ve just read a phrase “there are too many ways to make money to stay in a job you hate.” Is that true? How am I going to figure out what I can do – and make money, so I can quit my job and break it free.  Yes, find what you love, what is it that you would love doing so much that you wouldn’t ever call it work, regardless of how difficult it is. And go for it. A year form now, you will be in an entirely different place, guaranteed. 3 years from now, you’ll make it.

And of course, quitting right now is not an option. Not an option…. that’s just too bad, but I’ll be back at work tomorrow but after work, I’ll be right back here, trying to figure it out and make it happen. Let’s see what I am made of. Let’s see, if I am willing to be a woman I always wanted to be. Because the alternative is dying. Dying inside, pretending, hiding, making yourself small. You can’t do it anymore, you have to let yourself be free. Be love, that you are. You already are everything you ever wanted to be. Just ask your mind to shut up and act from your heart. Is it all it takes? yes, I think it is all it takes to really make it, because if you are not happy, no amount of money is going to help.

So, don’t quit your job(yet) and don’t quit your dreams. You’ll make it.


One Response to “To quit or not to quit”

  1. giftsofdawn Says:

    First you must try and find out what it is you like to do, I am sure there are many things. Then look into different job’s around you. Look at your job and fine out what you do like about it. Pray and keep an open mind you are where you are suposed to be today but who knows what tomarrow will bring. hugs G

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