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Participating in life January 9, 2010

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What a difference it makes when you let yourself feel and live fully, participating in life, not shutting down and trying to hide. Do what your heart tells you to. No analyzing, no editing, no rationalizing – just feeling. Doing what feels right. Feeling deeply into it. Almost like falling into a different reality. I’m not taking about something big here, I’m talking about going through your day, doing your usual tasks, but with an open heart. Then every small thing changes, takes on a different color, get a deeper meaning. You connect with people, you connect with yourself, with your center, with your purpose, with your power. If you are a woman, you feel connected to your feminine heart, to your radiance, you let your light shine. If you are man, you are connected to your purpose, your strength, your power. Power that comes from the heart.

I was walking home and there was a guy playing the guitar and singing. I loved his voice. I just loved it. Usually I feel awkward not giving anything, and I feel shy giving. Today I felt so connected to my heart, I knew I wanted to give him some money to express my appreciation. I looked him right in the eyes, I connected with him, I said thank you, I gave the money. It’s a small event, just one small moment in the course of the day, but it felt great. I felt wonderful, I felt so connected to my heart and I felt like I am really participating in life. Living fully, without any restrictions. For me it is about following my heart, my inner voice. Not letting my mind to interfere.


3 Responses to “Participating in life”

  1. giftsofdawn Says:

    Thank-you this is a wonderful “when you let yourself feel and live fully, participating in life” this is so important. If you never live how can you share>

  2. Thank you for your comment. Give me an example, some small, ordinary things but when you feel you are participating in life fully.

    • giftsofdawn Says:

      I’m repling to this comment, that’s 1. and I do what is infront of me.
      2 I live by this statement
      “judge not, for you shall be judged with the same measure by which you judge, look always for the good, then if you must look at the bad, and bless it. Look a person in the eye. Say good morning or Goodnight, first. Don’t be afraid to smile and laugh. Laughter is one of God’s greatest gifts to us and we do not use it near enough. God Bless you all and keep you safe … Grandma Scott

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