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Alternatives January 8, 2010

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 So, here is the alternative – do my best, take the risk and be willing to become the woman I want to be. Work hard, make mistakes, get out of my comfort zone, reach people, reach for my full potential. Life fully, radiant, powerful, in love. Or…. Play it safe, stay love, live small, keep the job you hate, live in fear, shut down, close your heart, drown your feelings and emotions. Pretend that it’s ok, hope it’ll somehow get better, commiserate with others who do the same, blame somebody else, don’t make any mistakes… all for the next 30 years, and then retire, if you can afford it. Pretend you are happy. Never live to your full potential, never even try to be the best you can be. Live small, afraid of live, afraid to take risk, afraid of your own power.

 Is that such a hard choice? Is it really hard to choose? Is the price too high? Who cares, what the price is? You have to run, get out of this hell, as soon as you can, before it eats you alive.

 And what is the price? Yes, I’ll have to take risk. Yes, I’ll have to work hard. I have to give it my all. I’ll make mistakes and look foolish, and I’ll screw up, and I’ll feel fears and darkness, and I’ll have to be willing to be the best I can be. I’ll have to be willing to live authentically, with an open heart. And then maybe I’ll reach others, maybe I’ll taste the joy, the happiness of what is. The reality.

 I’ll have to believe in myself. I’ll have to work so much harder than I ever worked in my life. Will it feel like work? If it comes from the heart, if it’s my passion? I still want it to be easy. And you know what, who said it has to be hard. Hard is right now – to go to work every day and hate it. But I’ll have to deal with rejections, criticism, ridicule. I’ll have to deal with people’s distrust, bad opinions about myself, I’ll have deal with my friend and parents, explaining to them what I want to do and why. Will it be so hard? It’s really none of my business what they think about me. Why worry about it now?

 But how will I make the money? I am responsible not only for myself but also for my kids and my parents. No body else, but myself. How will I make enough money, how will I create the abundance. The universe is abundant, it wants you to make the money, it wants you to live well. In Maui.

 Imagine that – you get up in the morning and smile. You get to do what YOU want to do today. Maybe write (in  your beautiful home office), or work on your seminars, or work on the business. You’ll meditate and dance and you’ll do something to connect with people. You’ll take personal development classes. You’ll pack the kids and go live for a few months in Sedona to learn at the temple. You go and live in Maui and take workshops with the divine feminine institute. And then you’ll write about it. And most importantly, you’ll live with an open heart in your truth, in your power.

 Guess what, it’s all your choice. It’s entirely up to you.


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