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Job January 5, 2010

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I really don’t like my job right now. I used to love it. I used to think that even if I won a lottery, I’d still be working. Not any more. If I won the lottery I’d be out of there in 5 minutes. I feel like I’m wasting my time. I feel it’s absolutely useless. I don’t see any future. I want out of 8 to 5 race. I want out of my office. I want my freedom back.  I want to love my job again. I want to do something and actually see the point. And I want to have the future. I want to have goals and ambitions. It’s time for a change.

This is going to be the year. Make it or break it. I have 12 months. In 12 months I want to be generating enough income to be able to quit my job…. how the heck am I going to do it? Doesn’t matter right now. It will come. Start doing something.  “You must go after your wish. As soon as you start to pursue a dream you life wakes up & everything has meaning.” –  Barbara Sher

there are a few very good thing about my job. And this is why I’m not going to quit right now. That, and plus my husband would kill me if I did.

  1. it pays very very well.
  2. Great people
  3. Very flexible
  4. Excellent gym and classes at lunch hour
  5. benefits and 4 weeks vacation
  6. flex days
  7. Mental stimulation
  8. hmm, easy commute
  9. hmmm, ability to get out of the house (my son is at home with my mom during the day. i would never be able to work from home, not the way it is right now anyway)
  10. Excellent pay. I know I said that before, but it also means my current lifestyle. Ability to get and do things that I want.

Whatever I want to do in the future – I need to start somewhere. I need to start from scratch. I need money to be able to live until this something will start bringing in some cash. I have 2 kids and 2 parents to take care off. I need the money. I can’t rely on my husband. I’d like to think we’ll stay together forever, but, if that’s not the case, I need the money. I can’t just not work. Plus, I’d be so bored, I’d be bored out of my mind. I need to find something new that I want to do, and a new way to make the cash.

One more thing to add, I’m highly influenced by Tim Ferriss’ book “4 hour work week”. SO, obviously, I want to do the same thing, build the business that would only require me to work 4 hours per week on it.

Time to reinvent myself. How exciting.

If I do that, if I break free, what will happen?

  1. I’d be able to have time to do what I want
  2. I could spend more time with my children
  3. I will practice playing piano for  1 hour every day
  4. I could get private dance lessons and certification needed to teach dance
  5. I could get English lessons and bring my English to a different level
  6. I will write
  7. I will do my spiritual practice
  8. I will travel and take workshops that I want
  9. I will be able to live anywhere I want
  10. I will be free and in control of my life.

What is the alternative? Spend another 30 years working? Sure I still do a lot of things that I want, but majority of my day, exactly 9 hours are spent at work. And some hours are spent resting from that very work. After time with the kids, household stuff and sleep, I only have a couple of hours left for myself. For the next 30 years. This is a very grim perspective. So, let’s see what I am made of. Make it or break it. My husband asked me if I’m going to have enough patience to persevere. Yes, patience is not my forte. Yes, I am impatient and I want things “now”. I’m going to want to be successful “now”. I’ll want thousands of people to read and love my blog “now”. I’ll want to make big bucks “now”….. Well, I can tell yea girl, it’s not going to happen. Not “now” anyway. However, if you don’t start it will never happen and if you do – some day from now will be your “now”. You are going to make it. I’ve read a great article from Steve Pavlina’s site called “What Are the Odds of Becoming a Black Belt?


I loved it. I loved his thoughts on it. Excellent example. I know I will succeed. If I look back, I’ve achieved everything that was important for me in my life. I set goals, I made plans and I took actions. Everyday, I worked hard on what I wanted. And it wasn’t even hard because I wanted it so much. And I will do it again. I will make goals. I will make plans. I will believe in myself, and visualize and I will also hire a coach to make sure I am successful at the shortest amount of time. Learn from somebody else, not just from my own mistakes. I’m excited. I’m very excited. This is going to be a thrilling year.


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