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Practise January 3, 2010

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Once again I’m surprised how with practice things that were so hard and scary initially are now easy and familiar and don’t cause any emotions at all. Interviewing for work, for example, when I only did it a few times in my life it was scary and I was nervous and full of energy. I took a few hours before and after the interview to get back to my usual state. After I started to work on contract and I had to interview lots, it was not so scary at all, I’ve enjoyed it. I didn’t have to prepare and I hardly spent any mental energy on it. My attitude also changed, I was interviewing them. And the more success I had the more I realized that I din’t need to worry about failure. Failure meant that I was going to find a better job, that this one was not right for me.

The same is happening now with reaching people, making contacts. Scary originally, it’s natural and easy now. I was nervous, I was hard for me to open up. And yes, I was worried about rejection. Now, it flows from my heart. I’m open and sincere, and if I’m rejected, it only means that it’s not a right connection for me at this time. And I’m having so many successes, that rejection doesn’t hurt at all. It was the fear of rejection that was hurting me. But it was not the reality, it was just something my mind has created and blew out of proportion. It was not even real.

Note to self – like with everything else in life, practice makes perfect. The fears are often not even real. It’s ok to be nervous at first, but when we persevere, the rewards are far greater than the efforts. The fears disappear by doing. The goal is within reach. The first step might be the hardest, then it all gets easier and easier. Just start and do it. Go for what you want. Remember all the things you’ve learned and all the fears you overcame. You are expanding. You are growing. It’s all so beautiful. Believe in yourself.


2 Responses to “Practise”

  1. Great idea, thanks for this tip!

  2. Hey, ok, I get it, I guess – but does this really work?

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