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Dancing December 19, 2009

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We went to a Christmas party yesterday. Something wonderful has happened – we danced and laughed and had a great time. I wanted to share a little something about us dancing. I usually get so frustrated with my husband, because I think that he cannot dance or why is he doing this or that, or why cannot he just relax and dance and move with the music. So, I’d get so frustrated (and embarrassed at times) that I’d live the dance floor feeling unsatisfied and frustrated. This time, I just couldn’t care less, I wanted to dance, and I thought it really doesn’t matter how he looks like, let us all have fun. So I danced, and was happy and was looking at him, connecting, flirting, taking it all in. It turned out that all he needed to do was to warm up a bit – and he wasn’t bad at all. Sure, we don’t do any of the fancy moves, we don’t really do any moves at all, but we had so much fun. The music was not exactly to my liking, too fast, too modern, but I wanted to dance so much. There was one song when almost everybody left the dance floor, it was impossible to dance with that music, at first I wanted to leave too. But then I thought, why is it that I am automatically thinking of leaving just because everybody else is. Who cares? I don’t want to leave. I want to dance. Why does it matter that we’d be alone on the dance floor and others will be watching. I am going to have fun and maybe inspire some other people to have fun too. And if not, it doesn’t matter. SO we stayed, and looking at us couple more people stayed too. And we had fun. Iw as worried that my husband would be shy – but he wasn’t. I guess at least I inspired him. He loved me dancing, he loved all the moves and how we connected. We almost never do that. SO now I know – we are going to dance lots, I just need to be much less critical and give him time and jus relax about how we look to others – who cares, they probably think about how they look. And people who don’t dance and watch – but it’s about me, not about them. They might be envious, or they might enjoy it, or they might not even notice, thinking about something else. If you want to dance – go for it.


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  1. Honey Says:

    thanks !! very helpful post!

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