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Toot your own horn December 17, 2009

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Your Holiday Assignment from Jack Canfield: Acknowledge & Appreciate Yourself.

here is what Jack has to say: “Many people under-appreciate the little things they accomplish every day. And yet they can recall in detail all the times they have failed or made mistakes. That’s because the brain remembers events more easily when they’re accompanied by strong emotions…To really convince yourself that you’re a successful person who can continue to achieve great things, I’d like to challenge you to list 100 or more of your life successes.”

I thought it’s a neat idea. Not that I need convincing that I am a successful person, but it’s nice to have a reminder and actually concentrate on the good things. He’s right, we much more easier remember all the bad things, all the mistakes and failures and don’t think our successes are a big deal. So, here’s my list

1)      Breastfed my son for 16 month (every 2-3 hours at night). Got a happy and healthy baby

2)      Got back to work and successfully returned to workforce despite of the changing priorities, different area of work and changed management and staff.

3)      Continued with my Goddess classes

4)      Drive my daughter to daycare every morning and set up morning routines so everybody is happy and joyful.

5)      Kept journaling

6)      Had a great progress with piano

7)      Overcame my shyness and embarrassment and asked my teacher for voice lessons.

8)      Joined the gym and went 4 times a week. Built some mean muscles. Dropped under 120 lb.

9)      Connected with a bunch of great people on FB. (overcame shyness and asked for connections)

10)  Completed Warrior Sage living from truth workshop and am committed to finish the practices.

11)  Read lots

12)  Tried to keep mu husband relatively happy.

13)  Supported friends and colleagues and family

14)  Decluttered my house and got a housecleaner and keep the house in a pretty nice state

15)  Learned to belly dance and hula hoop dance

16)  Hmmm, it is harder than I thought. I guess I’ll have to come back to it later. There’s got too be more.

17) keep up with my yoga practice


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