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Creativity December 17, 2009

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I wanted to add one more thing about crativity – I didn’t think I am a crative person. In my family – noone was really creative in a wasy artists are creative. No one played any musical instruments, no one could paint. We love art, and we always went to  galleries, museums, theatres – we admired art made by other people. My parent both have higer education, but they never had a chance to explore thier creative selves. The chool didn’t help either. If you didn’t follow the stnadards – you  didn’t fit. And noone realy taught you how to sing or to draw. So i didn’t think I’m good at anything. I was good at the language, math, most of the technical schiences and phys ed. I always loved sports. I was an A student and I easily went to university to get my masters in science – but I never had anything that I so loved to do that I knew this is what I wanted to do. I just picked something that I liked the most, with good chances for a job. And then I found programming and I was good at it, so I’ve been a software developer for over 10 years and had some pretty good years loving my job and being good at it. I found it creative, logical, very rewarding, stimulating, challenging. It’s a “feel good” job when you get something right. It’s creative because no one cal tell you how exactly to do things, you have to figure it all out. Why is it that I don’t like it anymore? It’s very clear – I enjoy doing projects, work with good people, learn from them, contribute and be good at what I do. I do none of these things at my day to day job. Ok, here it is, decided – I’m goin to talk to my boss before the end of the year. And I’m going to start looking for other options.

Back to creativity. I am creative in the way I dance – I trust my body and I love the movement. I love the way it makes me feel. I am creative in communication – I’m a good listener and I figure out the way to solve problems. Yeah, I am a problem solver. I’m creative at work. I’mc reative in teh way I dress – when I have time and money to go shopping and get the things I really want.

I don’t thin I’m creative as in being an artist – I don’t feel I could decorate my house (I do bare minimum), I don’t think I could paint or write poems. I can’t sing. I can’t make music. I don’t think I cam create dances, I never tried ( I think I want to) Is it important? Do you want to become creative? Should you just concentrate on what comes natirally, or should you learn and give yourself a chance to learn all this new things? I don’t have the answers yet. I will find out.


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